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Our factory is a professional development and production of mountaineering sticks, crutches, elderly sticks and other outdoor camping supplies production enterprises, and according to customer requirements to map and sample customized production. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of "quality first" and "reputation first", and creates the corporate image with the business philosophy of "honesty, trustworthiness, development and innovation". We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to call and write
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The main products for the elderly, such as walking stick, outdoor production and so on,Can be customized according to customer's requirements
Gourd shaped old staff series
Series of bead string elderly staff
Bamboo shaped old staff series
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How to choose outdoor climbing stick

In terms of structure, alpenstock can be divided into: handle, wrist band, staff, locking system, tip, snow (mud) towing, etc. Therefore, the selection ...

Why use trekking poles for outdoor travel

Alpenstock is more like the ski poles used for snowboarding. They help you move up and down better. Whether it's flat ground or rugged hills...

How to use alpenstock

Take the same rhythm as you would normally walk, with your right arm moving forward with your left foot, but with the tip of the stick not above the front of your body...
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We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to call and write, looking forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow.
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