How to choose outdoor climbing stick

2020-06-25 00:00

In terms of structure, alpenstock can be divided into: handle, wrist band, staff, locking system, tip, snow (mud) towing, etc. Therefore, the selection of alpenstock mainly includes handle, wrist band, staff, locking system, tip, snow (mud) towing, etc.

Handle: It is divided into T handle and straight handle according to its shape. The T-shape is more suitable for daily leisure, with straight shank, light weight and professional appearance. The straight handle is designed for professional outdoor climbing. It can use arm strength to the greatest extent. In contrast, the T-shaped handle is more suitable for walking on level ground and daily leisure.

Wristbands: To help keep the hands in place, the wrist band should be soft, preferably with a handle. The handle is mainly a material difference, but the choice of comfort is limited. Cork and foam handles are preferred for those with sweaty palms or those who often need to hike in rainy weather. Others can choose a rubber handle. Plastic and wood handles are slippery, but durable and strong, depending on your needs.

Rod material: carbon alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy. The three materials differ in weight and test environment. Carbon alloy material than metal alloy light, the general outdoor hiking is enough, need to pay attention to waterproof. Aluminum alloy is stronger, but heavier in quality. Titanium alloy is the best in weight, material and of course the most expensive. It depends on your environment.

Locking system: internal and external locks, internal and external locks have their own advantages and disadvantages. The inner lock is not easy to determine whether the lock is locked or not. If it is not locked, it directly affects its stability and is the hidden risk. The advantages of locking out and cleaning make hiking on snowy mountains and deserts easier.

Tip: The tip of most alpenstock is made of carbon alloy, which is hard and hard to move. The alpenstock metropolitan offers gadgets such as a tip rubber protective cover for easy walking on soft ground, in case it gets too deep in and can't be pulled out.

Snow (mud) trays: The choice of trays is mainly non-slip, wear.