How to use alpenstock

2020-06-25 00:00

Flat and gentle slopes:

Take the same rhythm as you would normally walk, with your right arm moving forward with your left foot, but with the tip of the stick not above the front of your body, then push back against the ground, doing the same with your left and right hands.

A steeper slope:

Do the same as you would normally walk, but move your arms forward with the pole in front of your body and use the pole to support your body upward to relieve pressure on your legs.

If necessary, use both poles for climbing. When you push your body up, put your palm on the top of the pole to strengthen the push.


Because of the high impact, alpenstock is needed to lighten the load on the legs.

The pole must be placed in front of the body and on the ground before the front foot to share the force.

At the same time, feel how far the pole should be placed in order to reduce the pressure on the legs without slowing down the original speed and rhythm. If necessary, lengthen the alpenstock as you feel it.